I am a multi disciplinary artist with a developed background in two dimensional narrative art.

In the summer of 2015, in Berlin, I completed a transcultural Masters of Arts in Creative Praxis program, at Transart Institute.

Currently I am investigating the role environment plays in artistic output and experimenting with new media including performance.

Concurrently I continue to create paintings and make things.

You may view some of my experiments via Vimeo.

Jaye Alison Moscariello’s desire to communicate a lot in today’s chaotic world leads her to continual artistic proliferation. One painting or one hundred paintings can never provide enough of a forum to accomodate everything that she has to convey. She is driven by searching and processing what is immediately outside of her, and to what is deeply personal.


Her new series, “Chase, The Monkey,” harks back to essence of the spirit, searching to reconcile man’s struggle both to be seen by his fellow primates and to find balance in a challenging and tumultuous environment, the world around him. Her earlier works reference having dealt with a number of social and personal tragedies, such as one sister’s sudden death, and losing a great number of friends and close associates in the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s.


After studying portraiture at Paier College of Art, under Deane Keller and at the Art Students League of New York, Moscariello began her artistic journey as a self confident portrait artist. Yet her tremendous sensitivity and often unexpected reactions to her commissioners led her to explore another avenue of expression. This quest led to the development and design of the program “Breaking Out, Breaking Free,” a collaboration with longtime friend and mentor, Alexandra Carmel. Inspired by the results both artists personally attained, Moscariello worked with other fellow artists to help them achieve authentic artpourings, while dismantling creative barriers. Her training in writing from the New School and the UCLA Writers Program, has added another pigment which often bleeds into her narrative style.


Moscariello’s joie de vivre brings her passion for social works to the forefront. Her compassion for underserved Los Angeles elementary school communities, has resulted in an explosion of projects. These works include a sixty-five foot mural, emphasizing the importance of reading, painted directly on the walls of  the children’s library of an elementary school in Watts. She has been actively involved with the Theatre of Hearts/Youth First artist-in-residencies, working directly with both pregnant minors and youth at risk. Moscariello enjoys large scale public and private opportunities. Her creative contributions; a zany color palette, furniture, wall, surface designs and artistic installations continue to delight viewers in 29A, at the Siena, a favorite on the Open House New York (OHNY) Annual Architectural Tour.