"Capture the Moon" (c) 2015 is a simple tale about a monkey named Chase who loses its way and learns to navigate in the world by tuning in to its inner voice and finds peace and a way of living gently on the earth. It is written in gender free language and race free imagery.

My aim is to run a successful Kickstarter Campaign and raise a minimum of $20,000. so that I can print 2000 books (to make it affordable to others), of which I would donate 500 copies to inner city public libraries and reading rooms. It is my heart's desire that "Capture the Moon" reach the hands of any child that will find comfort and joy in its message and imagery.

"Capture the Moon" will be available for $29.95  Stay tuned for bookstore information.

On this site you will see many of the images that comprise the visual aspects of "Capture the Moon".  The series began with my own journey from the brink of desolation among the multitudes to joy and reconnection.

"Controlled Substances" (c) 2015, is a book comprised of images from my series "Controlled Substances" which dealt with my concerns at discovering how many of my friends and associates were being medicated for depression and anxiety disorders. It was also my first foray into self publishing.
Books are available, they are perfect bound soft cover for $ 20., autographed copies and mailing is an additional $6.50. Thanks for supporting the arts!

New images to be uploaded of this year's project; creating books; handmade and print on demand.

My thesis: Women who have Closed the Book on City Living, was a stimulating journey of research and discovery. The next iteration of the project will be a book and documentary of my women artist interviewees.